Sustainable Solutions For Your Lifestyle


Our commitment to sustainable design and green building includes working with clients to utilize high-performance and energy-efficient materials that are in harmony with the environment. From new homes to renovations, we are experienced in providing true Green Building solutions that are both aesthetic and cost-effective for everyday living. For more info check this link activestable



Sampling of Green Building Solutions

  • Solar Panels
  • Full Sub-Slab Insulation
  • Rigid Foam Complete House Wrap
  • BIBS Insulation and EPS Foam
  • Triple-Pane Tuned Windows
  • Daylight Optimization
  • Air Infiltration Smoke Test
  • Gray Water Reclaimation Planning
  • Rainwater Collection
  • Smart House Technologies
  • Geo-Thermal Cooling, Combustion and Air Systems
  • Roof-Mounted Photo-Voltaic Systems
  • Passive Heating Methods
  • Responsible Material Selection and Disposal
  • Native Landscape
  • And More

“Our focus is on each and every client, providing clear communication and oversight to ensure that all needs, visions and dreams are fulfilled. As a design & build firm, the result is a much more hands-on approach that few other architectural offices are able to provide.”     – Gary Francis, AIA