Designer And Builder Since 1976


GFA was established in 1976 by founding principal Gary Francis. An aspiring architect with years of hands-on construction experience, Gary decided early to alternate the pencil and tool belt, providing both architecural and construction oversight to his clients. Today, GF&A has designed and built exquisite homes throughout Park City, combining outstanding architecture with superior-quality construction.
Site Asset
GF&A has earned a reputation for intense analysis of site attributes and determining the best ways for a home to take advantage of its surrounding assets, including topography, sun orientation and views. 

Client Communication
GF&A undergoes in-depth interviewing and exchange with clients, from the initial meeting throughout the design and build process.

From a small guesthouse to a 20,000-square-foot residence, GF&A delivers well-scaled spacial planning to accommodate every home and lifestyle.

Design Process
GF&A designs and refines spaces for utmost expression and efficiency. We often find that we can eliminate under-utilized spaces and excessive circulation, so that clients can better use budgets to enhance their desired spaces.


“We refine, and refine again, and I believe it is that last 10% to 20% of effort that can set a project apart.”     –Gary Francis, AIA, AHB